About The Psychotherapist Stuart MacFarlane

When it comes to the scientific study of mental processes and behaviors, psychology often comes to mind. While it certainly relates to many other fields such as neuroscience, philosophy, sociology and others, it plays a significant role in our everyday lives. In fact, psychology is so important that people will undergo psychological treatment to overcome and manage certain disorders or problems they are facing. That could be depression, grief, anxiety, addiction or other psychological difficulties. With that said, there a numerous professionals in the field of psychology and one of the most notable is Stuart MacFarlane, a psychotherapist.

Stuart MacFarlane has more than 30 years of experience in the field of psychology and has treated hundreds of patients from around the world. MacFarlane began treating patients in 1984 when he opened his first private practice as a bereavement counselor in Australia. He applied his knowledge and experience from the school he went to in India, Yoga-Vedanta Forest University in Rishikesh. During the early 1970s, MacFarlane left his home in Sydney, Australia to study philosophy and Advaita Vedanta where he closely worked with a mentor. After he completed schooling, he came back to Australia and began working as a psychotherapist and counselor.

During his many successful years in private practice, he started working with a number of professionals in the field of psychology, starting with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D. She would hold numerous workshop tours throughout Australia and the United States where MacFarlane eventually led the organization of such sessions. After touring many parts of the world and meeting a lot of professionals, he came across one of the most-known Jungian Analysts of the time, Gregg M. Furth. Upon meeting Furth, MacFarlane became very interested in Jungian Analysis and wanted to learn more about this branch of psychology.

MacFarlane moved to London because he would be able to study at the Guild of Analytical Psychology and learn more about Jungian Analysis. After graduating from GAP, MacFarlane opened another private practice, but this time, it was in London. As he treated patients, he also played an integral role in the academic side of GAP and would often hold lectures, workshops and training session for psychotherapy students. Since resigning in 2014, MacFarlane continues to live in London while continuing to study everything there is to know about psychology.

Stuart MacFarlane Psychotherapy

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