Controllable Stress #1


There is some thing – maybe one thing – that you and I can do today.

Today, we can wriggle our toes. That’s right. Toes. Wriggle.

We can move our foot around in the shape of a circle. We can draw shapes in the air with our feet and wriggle our toes.

We can straighten our leg and bend it again; draw circles in the air with our feet; and wriggle our toes.

We can bend our hip to bring our knee close to us or straighten it to move it further away. We can wriggle our toes. And we can do a host of things in between those.

Paralysed? Maybe You Can Move …

Today, like me sometimes, you may feel paralysed by possibilities. Overwhelmed by obstacles. Confined by constants.

Like me, today, you may wish to be reminded that there is something – even just one thing – that you can do.

One thing. Wriggle your toes.

Or maybe your fingers. Or perhaps you’ll turn your head gently from side to side a few times because it seems like a thing to do.

Right now, right here, you and I can move. And sometimes that simple movement is enough to keep us healthy, in our own way.

I invite you to discover a simple way you can move today and see that you still have control over something. Even just one thing.

But be warned. It may lead to other kinds of movement, like walking.

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