After re-reading A Wizard of Earthsea recently, by Ursula K. Le Guin, I wished to somehow capture my relationship with the main character. Or more, somehow capture how he presented himself to me this time around. He was always the ultimate hero to me as a youth. He is that now to me as an adult but for entirely different reasons. Sometimes, the mirror shines brighter the deeper the scars it reflects.

I am the shadow beast
Unleashed upon this world.

Headless, heedless
Morphing darkness
Fear-instilled, I walk.

Unbidden, unseen but felt at every turn, and no one can tell me how to chain this mysterious, formless thing.

I turn and there its form I see
We gaze toward — and into and through and beyond,
within each other

Speak to me, horrid creature, beast of my doom.
Reach out to me with darkened arms my own. I see you for who you are, dread shadowed-beast and I name you.

Deep my doom and deeper still the Powers.

Ereth-Akbe in all his wisdom and might could match the darkest powers within.

Driving and driven I pursue
I chase
I find
I name and I,
who forever scarred shall be,

I am uncertain and I am free
Here, now, no longer bound
Forever marred
By this creature’s claws.

When I collide that day with me
I become who I am and
my deadened Trajectory.

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