The Microsoft Band 2 actually does most of those functions and Microsoft Health works well for…
Michael Nguyen

I hear what you’re saying.

I was excited (very excited) when the Microsoft Band 2 was first announced. It tracked so much great data that I could use as an Exercise Scientist and Exercise Physiologist.

I think a large part of the Band’s downfall is it’s design. Another part is perhaps that it has all of this amazing technology but little by way of what to do with it.

I look at the website and it seems to be targeting general fitness. I look at the technology in the device and it seems to be targeting health and research.

The technology dictates many of the design considerations, I’m sure, and it has a lot of tech that no one really knows how to use.

I can think of a great many clinical and high performance sport uses (mood management, anxiety, PTSD, emotional and arousal regulation, as well as the usual heart rate stuff). But mostly price point puts it out of my reach.

Maybe someone else will rise to occasion – or perhaps Microsoft will invest in different market research, message and design – such that it will become not just more accessible but more useful and targeted.

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