9x9 Pixels, The World’s Smallest Website(s)
Daniel Eckler

I love this idea. In a few days I’ll be presenting a workshop on Coaching Through the Concepts. It’s at a Western Martial Arts conference. The idea is that I want coaches to understand that the most important things to communicate to students are the concepts. The key, overarching principles that hold it all together. The details can come later.

That’s what I see in this article — a love for the concepts. The larger, broader, most accessible concepts that bring about the quickest understanding, the most remembrance and the simplest design. After all, design is simply visual communication. And since understanding — or meaning — is ultimately defined by the listener, I suppose we as designers — whether of visual interface or graphic design, or of words, ideas and concepts — would best serve our ‘listeners’ by making it as easy as possible for them to understand and remember.

Well done. I think I have some more thinking to do around these ideas.

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