Batman v. Superman: Not a Review
Thaddeus Howze

Thanks, Thaddeus Howze, you said what I thought!

My wife and I really enjoyed it. I grew on a solid diet of Superm and and Batman, with a few toppings of Wonder Woman and a bit of Spidey thrown in to spice it up. My wife didn’t. She didn’t read comics.

But the movie finished and she said, “I think that was the best of all the movies!” I thoroughly enjoyed it, too … but I have to confess, I thoroughly enjoyed Man of Steel, as well. Maybe it was more that it spoke to my context at the time.

Luther was a terrible cast, in my mind. The actor, I think, was committed to the role but he didn’t carry it as I’d wish. You look at the Joker from a few years back and you see brilliant with a smattering of unhinged-gone-wrong. And then you look at this Luther and you think, well, he’s loopy … but more in the sense of Scarecrow from the Batman movies and less in the sense of insanely intelligent and capable of anything he puts his mind to.

Let’s hope DC get some courage up and keep putting their hand to some great stories. There’s a lot of history there, as you say.

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