Expect the expected…

Expectation is a contradictory term within e-commerce.

Technological advancement within our industry is expected to push the boundaries, to shift paradigms, and to allow us to take part in meetings via ipads connected to hover boards. (Patent pending)

There are huge expectations on how technology is going to cause an e-commerce explosion across the globe.

That's all well and good if those who are to invent, question and develop our technologies are free to roam the world, hunting and gathering, building our Version 3.0.

But we don´t, we constrain their creativity, we constrain their creativity through expectations.

Heres why expectation sucks:

  • The expectation to do as you are told
  • The expectation to be satisfied
  • The expectation to do something new with the same resources
  • The expectation to be at an office
  • The expectation that every company is customer-centric (albeit on the companys terms)
  • The expectation that life is about studying until you´re tired, working until your pension kicks in and dying with no regrets.
  • The expectation that more online functionality is the answer to better customer engagement
  • The expectation that social media is an ‘outside of work hours’ hobby
  • The expectation to have menus, shopping carts, search boxes, logins
  • The expectation to have one solution which focuses on selling online, selling offline, driving customers to the stores, online conversion, offline conversion, content marketing, digital tools, B2C & B2B & B2ALL
  • The expectation to conform…let me explain this one a little:

We need to digitalise the workplace =

“Just dont mess about with the other departments”

We need to be creative =

“Here is your budget”

We need to starting thinking outside of the box =

“Come to work 9–5 wearing a suit like everyone else, eat lunch at 12, laugh at the MD´s jokes, work late, repeat”

We need to question our processes =

“Just don´t question the MD, dont question the department heads, and by the way the customer is always right”

“We need hungry workers” =

“People who are blinded by corporate success and prestige, who do what is expected of them, who say the right things at the right time and never question what the hell they are doing with their lives”

That last one won't ring true with everyone. It takes insight to break away from expectation, to break away from conformity…maybe even to break away from normality?

Have you ever questioned why you spend more time with your colleagues than with your kids? Why you sit in a box when its 25 degrees outside? Why you work your way to a breakdown with 60 years left on the clock?

Is this really the only way we can be inventive, productive and get things done?

The expectation to conform, to adjust, to not stick out, is killing the ingenuity, the flickering flames of uniqueness, the courage to dare.

While you think about my last comment I will just add a little on/off topic genius (and no, I am not the genius):

“I tried telling my wife about how making decisions craves energy, and how the greats like Mark Zuckerberg och Steve Jobs wore the same colour t-shirt, day in-day out, to save their energy for the really big decisions…”
Her answer: “why didn’t they just hire a stylist?”

Genius…If I was the MD, department head or maybe even the customer, would I create an environment where the obvious, or the not so obvious, has a voice?

I, unfortunately, do not have that choice at home (could you guess?)… At work, you do.

Our expectation for conformity is slowing our development, it's also annoying the hell out of me.

We praise those who stick out and those who succeed by doing what was not expected from them, we applaud, we recite, we idolise…and then we go to work at 9, sit in our meetings, do what we’re told, laugh when we should and continue to box ourselves in doing what has always been done.

I am still finding my way in life, am i any different to you? I don’t know…one thing I do know is that I have insight, knowing which work environment I don’t want to work the rest of my live within, the next thing I need is direction and then courage.

When you go to work today, be sure of one thing, everyone is expecting the expected from you.

What do you expect from yourself?

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