Down to the Wire: Developing Wireframes for the Emov Ridesharing App.

(From left) The landing page, map screen, map filter modal, and available cars screen.
(From left) The Menu Screen, Signup Screen, and Login Screen.

My first foray into the wonderful world of wireframing was an engaging one. Reverse engineering the wireframes from fully developed screen visuals was particularly helpful exercise for understanding not just how to create a wireframe, but ultimately what the wireframe is used for, what each element symbolizes, etc.

The most challenging aspect of the exercise was making judgements about what elements from the finished screens warranted inclusion in the wireframes (and what didn’t), and how to represent those elements in the wireframe. Reverse engineering the wireframes helped me better understand the role of wireframes within the broader scope of IxD, but I’ll be curious to see in the future what it feels like to develop (or “reverse-reverse” engineer) the wireframes from handsketches.

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