Dear Older Self,

Dont write me a stupid open letter to tell me I should have done things differently at age X. If I dont do the things that I do, or dont do the things you think I should, I dont become the person you are. You wont have this superior knowledge about things we should have done unless I dont do them.

I am going to make mistakes so you get to learn from them. I am going to fuck up some things but I’ll kill it at others.

Dont be so obnoxious to think we could have done things better. You can learn and try a different approach next time around, but you’ll only know its better because I did it wrong.

Lets make a deal, you just look back and smile at what im doing. And I’ll look forward and hope I leave you with a loving family, good friends and the lifestyle we want. If I dont, who cares, there is still time for you to do a better job than me.

Yours sincerely

Young self

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