Welcome to the company

I have just been through the most thorough and welcoming induction processes ever. From the moment I received the offer, through to the writing of my first line of code, I have never felt more welcomed and excited to work for a company.

It all began with a message on linkedIn. I wasn’t really looking for new jobs at the time but this message piqued my interest very quickly. It started as the normal message, We are looking for awesome people and you might be it! But this one was a bit different. Not only did they give good details about the TYPE of work they do, but they also linked to a blog post about company culture and who they were. A quick read through and I shot back a message saying I’d love to chat more.

The next day I get a really relaxed and friendly phone call that was both inquisitive about me but also forthcoming about the company and what they are looking for. Straight away it felt like a good fit. I agreed on sending over my resume and cover letter and quickly got an offer for an interview.

That would be fairly normal, except they then sent over an overview of their interview process and what sort of questions you could expect as well as how they manage the full process right up to a job offer. This put me at ease because I knew what was coming and could prepare for it confidently.

2 interviews later and I was offered the job! Hooray!

The next step was a boring bit of information to be collected. You know, Tax File Numbers, bank details, contract to sign etc etc. That was all made super easy with the online form link they sent through. I did it in my own time and not having to print anything or remember to bring it on my first day meant I could focus on preparing for my first day.

I then received an email from the office manager who welcomed me to the company, gave me a run down on what was going to happen on the first 2 days and also a welcome PDF which not only gave me a who’s who, but also told me good places for lunch or coffee, a bit about the office and surrounding area and also a bit of background to the company. It was great. I felt so confident on the first morning.

“Arrive at 11am on your first day”

This is a bonus for everyone involved. Not only do I get to wake up later, walk my dogs, have a nice breakfast and come in nice and relaxed. But my manager and any other staff involved were able to get their morning routines out of the way and prepare to welcome me too. Everyone wins!

Over the first 2 days there were meet and greets, Q&A sessions with various sections of the company, a work station already set up and ready to go (including a brand new 27" iMac with 2 monitors, free set of Sennheiser headphones and all software licenses ready to go) and a free lunch with my manager. There was no paperwork to fill in, there was no awkward wait in reception because my manager was running late or because my work station wasn’t ready. Everything felt prepared, which made me feel like I was wanted and valued member of the team from the word Go.

The transparency was by far the best part. Knowing what to expect right from the first interview through to the first few days in the office just took all the stress of starting a new job away. It makes me feel like I am not just making up numbers in a dev team, but that I am a valued member who they genuinely want on the team. What a great way to start a new job!

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