Ripe for Activism? Facebook’s New Political Endorsements

Just in case your Facebook feed didn’t have enough politics in it already, you’re about to hear even more about which candidates your friends endorse. But how long until people begin “endorsing” the candidate they’re against, leaving a protest message via this new feature?

Facebook’s new endorsement tab went live today

Users could simply jump to the page of the candidate they oppose, then “endorse” that candidate with a message of opposition, sending it out to the audience or their choosing (direct, friends, groups, public). Something like this:

How long until there’s more unendorsements than endorsements?

With so many people not voting for the candidate they really want, but instead voting against the candidate they don’t want in office, we might see a lot of unendorsements soon. Making that more likely — you can endorse any person running for public office, from senators to local politicians.

Social Marketer’s Take

Endorsements are a great way for Facebook to get people talking and thus spend more time in the app. But while political discourse might be healthy for democracy, it might not be so healthy for individuals, with a full 52% of voters reportedly somewhat or very stressed about the election.

Stressed Users = Avoiding Facebook = Less Time Spent In App = Less Ads Served = Less Revenue

So the next step for Facebook — give users a way to opt out from all things politics. Give them control to take a break from the non stop politics that surrounds everyone this election year. It’s the right thing to do and makes business sense.