Test Kitchen driver for Azure: Managed Disks support added

kitchen-azurerm v0.9.1 contains support for Managed Disks, saves an average of 10% on provisioning time

Every year at ChefConf, we run a hackday on the day after the event. It was great to see so many practitioners and veterans in the same room hacking away on tools that excite them!

ChefConf Hackday — photo by Nathen Harvey

I was able to work on something small but useful; support for Azure Managed Disks to the Kitchen AzureRM driver. Unfortunately I had to run for the airport before getting a chance to demo it.

Whilst Test Kitchen instances come and go quite quickly, there is a provisioning time benefit to using them as we no longer need to provision a Storage Account. My unscientific tests put this at about 10%. Instead of a Storage Account, you will only see an OSDisk resource in your Test Kitchen resource group.

Test Kitchen for Azure resources as seen in the Azure Portal

Managed Disks is now the default in the latest kitchen-azurerm driver (v0.9.1), which you can update/install on a machine with the Chef Development Kit (ChefDK) by running:

chef gem install kitchen-azurerm

Documentation on the driver and example configuration can be found in the Test Kitchen repository, and don’t forget to check out the updated Kitchen.CI website for more information on Test Kitchen.