Test Kitchen for Azure driver update — v0.10.0 released

Support for custom images, resizable OS disks and custom cloud-init data added…

The community* has come through this month, adding features and fixing bugs in the Test Kitchen driver for Azure Resource Manager.

Here’s a summary of what has been added in the latest release, 0.10.0

▶️ Custom Image (Managed image and VHD support)

You can now specify a path to a valid Managed Image or path to a VHD. Managed Image (full example):

- name: ubuntu-1404
image_id: /subscriptions/xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx/resourceGroups/RESGROUP/providers/Microsoft.Compute/images/IMAGENAME

VHD in Storage Account (full example):

- name: ubuntu-1404
image_url: https://yourstorageaccount.blob.core.windows.net/system/Microsoft.Compute/Images/images/Cent7_P4-osDisk.170dd1b7-7dc3-4496-b248-f47c49f63965.vhd
existing_storage_account_blob_url: https://yourstorageaccount.blob.core.windows.net
os_type: linux
use_managed_disk: false

▶️ Custom OS Disk sizing

You can now adjust the size of the OS disk if you need to, using the os_disk_size_gb property (full example):

- name: ubuntu-1404
os_disk_size_gb: 100

▶️ Custom cloud-init data (Linux only)

The driver now supports adding custom-data at startup (e.g. for use in cloud-init scenarios). This data can be from a file or directly in your .kitchen.yml file. Custom data (full example):

- name: ubuntu-1404
#custom_data: /tmp/customdata.txt
custom_data: |
fqdn: myhostname
preserve_hostname: false
- yum install -y telnet

▶️ Bugfix to Azure Germany 🇩🇪

Support for AzureGermanCloud is now fixed and this release will correctly determine the management settings for that environment. Example:

name: azurerm

subscription_id: 'abcdabcd-YOUR-GUID-HERE-abcdabcdabcd'
azure_environment: 'AzureGermanCloud'

▶️ Updating to 0.10.0

Assuming you are running the Chef Development Kit (ChefDK), you can update to the latest version of kitchen-azurerm by running the following commands:

chef gem install kitchen-azurerm

Happy Cookbook Testing!

*a very special mention to Robert Heinzmann of Elconas.de who added all of the functionality and bugfixes in this release!