William Wilson devoted his life to the Freemasons but in death his family have been banned from inscribing the organisation’s square and compass on his headstone.

A judge has ruled that the emblem is not appropriate for the graveyard of the 12th-century parish church because a report by the General Synod had found that some masonic rituals were “evil”.

I read the above in the Times this morning and was briefly glad as Freemasonary dogged my adult life in ministry. It was one of the reasons behind leaving the Church of Scotland. Reading various news sources before breakfast I was left feeling in deep dismay at the state of our world. I feel ever more alienated but what I read. What is wrong becomes right and what is right is deemed to be wrong. The country and the west has turned everything upside down abortion is not seen as the killing of a child, marriage is ignored and devalued and turned into something other than a sacred union between a man and a woman. Sinful actions are made legal and condoned and speaking against them made into a wrong.

I cling ever more closely to the sacred heart of Jesus my only hope of salvation from this awful and evil world and generation. I am glad my life is nearing its natural end I no longer wish to live in this hateful place when the joy of heaven awaits. Repent I want to cry from the rooftops before it is too late. And don’t even get me started on what is happening in the US Presidential election. How far we have fallen. How low can standards sink?

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