How To Choose Female Hair Wigs?

People may lose hair for varieties of reasons that can range from chemotherapy to alopecia. In order to enhance the appearance, they might buy wigs however it is important to follow certain tips before selecting the product:

Size does matter:

Size is one of the most important factors that affect the selection process. Over sized wigs would look out of place for the users as any cloth would do. While choosing the Wigs for chemotherapy patients, you should take the measure of your head size. Average sized or petite cap is perfectly suitable for the females however make sure to take the help of others to exactly measure the circumference. Tape should be fixed to the center of the fore head and measured up to the back of the neck.

Type of the hair:

There are three types of female hair wigs made of Human, synthetic and heat friendly synthetic hair. First category is for people who want to make their wig appear natural so that it seamlessly blends with the appearance of the head. One of the disadvantages of the wig with human hair is that it requires maintenance in the form of oil application. If left uncared, it becomes dry and brittle. Synthetic hair wig is quite useful for the cancer patients because they do not have to take special care.

Category of the cap:

Classis wigs are very popular among the users as they are made of machine. It consists of rows of hair combined together. Majority of the wigs are cap less allowing the head to breathe and make the person comfortable.

Monofilament wigs are slightly costlier than the classical versions but are quite stylish to look at. They are placed on the transparent mesh cap so that it appears like a real hair.

Choosing the style:

Selecting the wig style plays a very important role in enhancing your appearance. If you are shopping online, browse through the different caps or wigs to find the one that is best suitable for the head. For instance, few people like brown colored hairs while the others prefer the black version.

Prior to buying the wig, make sure that its style matches with your personality. One of the most important factors in selecting the product is that it should perfectly fit on the head. You can send hair swatches to the store owners so that they could redesign the wig accordingly.