This article is disgusting!!!
Alexis Burg

Hi Alexis

I think you . may have missed my point a bit. I do love SA as I stated. I just think that Aus is a better place from an objective point of view. I.e. education, employment, services etc. And as I said I never left SA for any of the negative reasons. I got a job offer and decided it would be a good adventure.

I’m not writing to be profound, I’m writing to be honest. And the honest truth is although I miss SA, I miss my family more than a place. Maybe you’re right, maybe it is the collective unconscious bringing us back, but I’m not aware of that yet. For now I’ve gone through some very tough decisions, battled with depression and anxiety over it all and have decided that we will go to where our family is. I was hoping that people could relate to this in the sense of just being away from loved ones, not a specific country.

Could I just suggest something to you though: Do you need to be so aggressive and angry with someone you don’t even know? I’m just expressing my heart here and not meaning to offend anyone. Surely you can agree that healthy dialogue is better than just barking at someone angrily, telling them to stay in Australia when you don’t have a clue about their own journey? It’s messages like yours that breed tension and anger in a world desperate for empathy. Try and be better and it will be better for everyone.