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We get it!

It used to be great fun when it was just you and your co-founder working out of the garage on the initial MVP. But then it got complicated as the team grew, investors started asking questions, and product market fit continued to be elusive.

That’s ok!

You’re not the first company to experience this and definitely won’t be the last. It really doesn’t matter if you can’t do it all. What matters is how and when you bring in the best people to set your business up for success.

And with current events, it’s never been more important to access experienced people willing to roll up their sleeves and help you get through the challenges ahead. In fact, we’ll shortly launch a special version of EV Evaluate™ for founders needing assistance. …

A few years ago I knew that corporate life was no longer for me. …

We are reimagining products and services for families and children on the autism spectrum. Our ambitious mission starts with learning for parents and children, developing into a global technology platform to assist those with disabilities to feel safe in their homes, communities and cities.

Coming soon!

We are really excited to announce our first product will be released in late 2018. …


Stuart Waite

Entrepreneur | Founder | Product Guy | Startups Advisor, Mentor and Investor

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