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A few years ago I knew that corporate life was no longer for me. The call to return to the startup world was strong and ultimately irresistible. I’d been tempted back into corporate life, after more than a decade running my own businesses, by the innovator’s dilemma. The desire of major enterprise’s to overcome their lack of innovative culture and capability and take on the tech behemoths head on. Surely they could do this startup thing too? All they needed to do was find a bunch of innovative people to take on the role of intrapreneur and the relentless disruption would cease.

Yeah, not that simple.

While access to abundant resources is intoxicating, the speed at which most large enterprises operate is eternally frustrating. Once you’ve tasted the pace and agility of a startup, you can never go back. The daily extreme peaks and troughs of emotions is not for the faint-hearted, but for me it certainly beats endless back to back meetings and reward-less stakeholder management. And without the layers of politics, key decisions, right or wrong, get made fast. The feedback loop is short and sharp and the culture of learning from failure is encouraged not admonished.

With age comes experience and with experience comes a desire to finally learn from your mistakes and play to your strengths. So after founding various startups over the years, some more successful than others, it’s time to use that experience for the benefit of other founders. From angel investing, and mentoring gigs, I’ve been helping others navigate the pitfalls of building a tech startup from scratch for a while now.

So it’s time to turn that into a business.

Oh yeah, and let’s do that in the United States… Silicon Valley no less.

So let me introduce you to Exit Velocity, a personalized business accelerator where startups and their founders receive the support they need to achieve their exit velocity.

Bring on 2020!

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Entrepreneur | Founder | Product Guy | Startups Advisor, Mentor and Investor

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