Tourists abandon sunshine destinations

Terrorists in Egypt have threatened to behead a hostage in the latest outrage against tourists in the Middle East and North Africa.

Terror alerts issued by governments in the US and Europe cover attacks in Turkey, Egypt, and Tunisia.

So far, the Islamic State has confined executions to Syria and Iraq, but a video of a Croatian man bound and threatened with death seems to have been shot in the Sinai region of Egypt.

As a result, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office is urging tourists to stay out of the area.

The terror group is demanding Egypt release women held in prison within 48 hours or they will execute the hostage.

At the height of the holiday season, business is flat in most MENA countries — with tourism mainly confined to a ‘safe zone’ around the Red Sea diving resorts in Egypt.

A Tunisian government spokesman for the tourism claims the situation is not as bad as the western governments are saying and that although recent tourist deaths are regrettable, the lack of tourists is destroying the economy ion many towns and cities.

Tube Strike Commuter Chaos Grips London

London was paralysed by the latest strike by Underground train drivers as millions of commuters took to buses, bikes and taxis to get to work.

The entire London underground network was closed as drivers walked out to protest about having to change their shift patterns to cover working through the night.

Finn Brennan from Aslef, the train driver’s union, said: “We don’t want to do this but our members’ lifestyles will suffer as a result of having to work nights and this is not acceptable.

“Rather than have changes dictated to us, this should be discussed and changed by negotiation.”

Transport for London wants the drivers to work nights to service the capital’s round-the-clock economy.

London underground train drivers earn £49,000 a year and have at least 43 days a year paid leave.

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