The Fool Has Said in His Heart There is No God

In the Book of Psalms it says in Psalm 14 verse 1 “ The fool has said in his heart there is no God”

Why does the fool say in his heart and not his head there is no God? First of all the heart is the seat of desire of lust. An atheist according to the Psalmist says there is no God so there will be nobody that he has to answer for his behavior. He can do what he wants. It is not just that there is no Creator rather there is no Guide to the world , no Manager of the world. No one who rewards or punishes here and in the after life. The atheist believes by not believing in God he can avoid any consequences to his actions.

I also think it says in his heart because from my experience atheists say there is no God because they were emotionally traumatized by something attached to religion. This could have been a religious person that abused then in some way or some other traumatic reason. They are damaged people so they lash out on religion and God. That is also why it says “in his heart” the seat of emotion. Atheists will make excuses for non belief like “there is no evidence for God, show me the evidence”. But I think this is just an excuse for a deeper pain or hurt they are concealing

So why does the Psalmist call him a fool. Because without a God then the universe is just one big accidental meaningless place. There is no truth and therefore to say “there is no God” is just as meaningful as saying there is a God. Also for an atheists since he believes there is no God and he only believes in this material world therefore for him there is no afterlife. So all his roads lead to death. He and his theories will die with him in the grave. He will be food for the worms with no memory of any life the second he dies. Everything he lived for will vanish and disappear. All of his connections to loved ones, everything he strive for in this lifer, his favorite pleasures in this life will fade into nothingness. The memories for him by others does not make up for a consciousness in the afterlife. Also those memories of him by others like family members will quickly vanish. What was your great grandfathers favorite food, place or color? You see it quickly vanishes. He is a fool thinking he has freed himself from God only to have his life mean nothing after death.

So we theists who believe in the One Living Eternal God have nothing to fear from these fools. They are fools now and will die fools like their illustrious leader Christopher Hitchins. In the end the Torah-God’s Bible will last as it has for over 3000 years, long after these fools are just food for the worms.


Rabbi and Health Expert with Many Years Experience

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