Some tricks that help me stay sane when the internet is calling

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Going into 2019, I want to spend more time on people I care about, activities I enjoy, and personal growth and self-reflection. While I believe that the internet, smartphones, and social apps will have an overall positive effect on society, they’re also causing us suffering: Distractions, information overload, and isolation…

How we power React component tests and examples at Stripe

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GraphQL’s main benefit for frontend developers has always been excellent tooling and developer experience. Chief among those is the ability to easily mock your data. API mocking is critical because it lets you write and test your components without having to run your whole app backend. …

After an incredible 4.5 years, my time at Apollo and Meteor is coming to a close

TL;DR: It’s been awesome and I couldn’t be more excited about the future of Apollo. I’m joining Stripe at the end of August. Read on for the story.

Matt, my awesome manager at Apollo.

The history

In 2013, I was entering my last year of college and wondering what I should do next. In a lot of my…

What non-null fields do, how to use them, and integration with statically typed languages

Like the hole in a donut, what isn’t there can be just as important as what is. Photo credit Tommy Chheng:

When you’re working with a REST API, you don’t always know exactly what fields you’re going to get back when you call an endpoint. GraphQL improves on that by having a complete schema of your available data, and giving you back exactly the fields you asked for. …

Converting between schema strings, introspection results, and schema objects

Three formats representing the same data schema in slightly different ways.

One of the best parts of GraphQL is that it provides a clean definition of the data available in your API through a schema. The schema describes the types and fields you can query, and also includes any relationships between those types.

The schema is what enables GraphQL to have…

Sashko Stubailo

engineer at @stripe. previously open source eng manager at @apollographql and @meteorjs,

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