Some tricks that help me stay sane when the internet is calling

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How we power React component tests and examples at Stripe

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How to run your API using Netlify Functions on AWS Lambda

  1. Use the same…

Five steps to get from idea to polished result

After an incredible 4.5 years, my time at Apollo and Meteor is coming to a close

Matt, my awesome manager at Apollo.

The history

In 2013, I was entering my last year of college and wondering what I should do next. In a lot of my internships and personal work, my favorite part was coming up with creative new ways to improve the developer experience.

Open sourcing Apollo Engine’s metrics collection features

Apollo Server 2 will come with everything you need to take your GraphQL API from prototype to production.

No more pulling in several libraries, wiring them together, and figuring out best practices on your own. We heard it loud and clear from the community: you should just be able…

What non-null fields do, how to use them, and integration with statically typed languages

Like the hole in a donut, what isn’t there can be just as important as what is. Photo credit Tommy Chheng:

Hear about Meteor 1.7, cutting-edge Meteor tooling, and production stories

  • Lucas Hansen, CTO of Qualia: “10,000 Hours Into Meteor”. You’ll hear about Qualia’s extensive experience running Meteor in production, and some of the awesome tooling they’ve built for it in-house.
  • Theodor Diaconu, CEO of Cult of Coders: “Redis…

Converting between schema strings, introspection results, and schema objects

Three formats representing the same data schema in slightly different ways.

Announcing graphql-tools 3.0 with schema transformations and simpler delegation

  1. Developing your GraphQL API as a set of microservices, and then stitching them together…

Sashko Stubailo

engineer at @stripe. previously open source eng manager at @apollographql and @meteorjs,

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