Instagram: Positive or Negative Influence on Photography

In recent years, the outdoors has become a popular topic among millennial, minimalist, and nature lovers alike. With new social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat, more and more people are sharing their favorite places around the world with one another. Even some new careers, such as professional blogger and sponsored instagramer have developed with people making it their careers to pursue certain destinations and getting paid to travel to different locations.

Nature Photographers” by Ferran Jordà is Licensed under (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

While it may seem like an interesting new area to become involved in, it remains that the average instagram user isn’t going to be like @withhearts and reach 662k followers. Cole Rise’s career started in Nicauaraga on vacation when the hotel he was staying at offered him a free stay in payment for a photo Rise had taken. Many instagram users are crediting their career success to instagram and other social media platforms. But at what cost? Many photographers like Guy Prives are now questioning where the world of photography is heading. With the use of instagram many professionals have found themselves reaching for their iphones instead of their professional camera’s.

“Is this phenomenon, which has brought the art and culture of photography to the forefront and to places and people who were not originally exposed to it, turning its initial audience into amateur photographers urgently and suddenly into millions of pseudo photographers a positive or negative phenomenon?” (Prives, 2017).

With all the advances in technology, more and more “amateurs” are being allowed to pursue their creativity on their own time and thus giving people more autonomy on their own personal work. This is a game changer for the advertising community, who can now get their ads out to billions of people all over the world. While Instagram continues to grow and expand the way we work and play, it remains that by simply scrolling through your newsfeed you can connect with different kinds of people. Instagram can at least take credit for advancing an exchange of culture and creating a new sense of community around the world. While I am not sure yet if I fully support this new source of photo exchange, it remains that photography and the outdoors is something I treasure and support. Using my camera on my back packing trips has always been a hobby I am passionate about, as I am usually glad when I come home and can look back on the trips I have taken. Now though, I am not sure that I even need to take my camera with me, especially when I do go backpacking, as it seems that the iPhone has just of good of a camera. This raises more questions on whether or not the smart phones will put camera companies out of business, or maybe force them to redesign their technology to support smaller, less bulky cameras. Either way, it is clear that social media apps are changing and challenging professionals that have been around for decades. These platforms are changing the world that we live in in a way that I hope is for good.


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