I recently rediscovered something about myself and here it is:

I love going to concerts. Any concerts really. Of course if you go to a concert of one of your favorite artists it’s gonna be even more awesome than it would be otherwise, but in all honesty just going to a concert, spending time with strangers that are also there to listen to the music and to enjoy their evening and just being there in the moment away from your life for even just a few hours is something that only a concert can truly bring to you. It’s not even about the music specifically, I have been to enough concerts of artists that I didn’t really like and still had an incredible time.

For me it’s more about the moments.

The moment the artist walks on stage and you get all excited because the concert’s about to start.

The moment before the concert when everyone’s already waiting and there’s music playing in the background to keep everyone entertained and then this one song comes on that everyone knows and the whole crowd just starts to sing along.

The moment when a stranger next to you becomes a friend, even if only for 2 hours.

The moment when you just randomly look around you and you see other people genuinely happy and instantly have a smile on your face.

The moment when strangers form a unity and that unity connects to the artist.

The moment when you realize, that every person in the crowd sings the songs for a different reason, with a different background.

And I don’t try to capture the moment. I don’t take pictures. I don’t record the concert, cause I can listen to their music online. I just enjoy those moments while they last. And simply those few so seemingly short moments are moments that I cherish. And because of those moments, I love going to concerts.

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