Procrastination at its finest.

I’ve never learned how to study, mainly cause I never felt the need to…

I never had any problems with passing tests, eventhough I never once sat down to properly study for them. I would take part in class and then walk into the room, take the test, and pass it easily.

But now I’m in uni.

And I have quickly realized that my way doesn’t work here.

Most people would then probably start studying, I however have been procrastinating for the whole semester now and only have 1 week left to do all the studying that people usually do within 2 months (bare in mind that I don’t really know how to even study) and am therefore freaking out.

The biggest problem though?

If I end up passing this test anyway I will probably do the same thing again and again until one semester it ends up in me failing all my exams… And then I’m f*cked.

(By the way if you haven’t realized: procrastination has come far enough for me to write a blogpost about me procrastinating instead of going ahead and actually doing the studying that I seriously should be doing.)

But yeah, I’m totally in control of everything…