Run Your Martial Arts School More Smoothly! We’re Here to Make Your Life Simpler in 2016


Hey, thanks for checking out our new, updated blog.

If you’re an existing member of Studentbase, you’ll notice the format of our blog has changed. We’re now using a blog platform called “Medium” which, so far, is pretty nice to use.

We’ll be forging ahead with all-new content this year, helping you streamline your martial arts academy, make your life simpler, help you make more money with your school and keep you on the floor (or mat) doing what you do best: teaching!

With that said, here are two big announcements for 2016…

  1. Free, Unlimited Phone Support

This year we added phone support (yes, phone support!) for all members. We realize sometimes it’s easier to pick up the phone and talk to a real, live human being rather than compose an email. Our phone support number is:

(310) 857–6828

Please understand if we’re helping another member we may have to call you back. Unlimited, personalized phone support is just another benefit of being a Studentbase member! Of course, we will still provide speedy email support as well.

2.) Helping You Collect Your Money And Make Your Life Easier Than Ever

Listen: collecting money is probably the least fun part of running a martial arts school. It can be time-consuming, become adversarial (if students are past-due) and expensive if you use a billing company (can you believe many take 10% of your hard-earned money?).

This year Studentbase will solve all that for you.

This year — 2016 — is our year of launching billing. This means we will be adding powerful new features that will simplify you getting paid from your students (or their parents). Right now, we call this system “payments” and it works great for most schools. We have noticed, however, that some schools need a way to automatically charge their students’ credit cards each month and get a direct deposit.

That’s what we’ll be adding.

“Set It and Forget It”.

Now you’ll be able to securely create a student, enter their monthly amount along with their credit card info and let the system do the rest. They will be charged each month and money sent to you automatically.

The best part is: we will be implement this using Studentbase’s world-famous “simplicity first” approach.

As you probably realize, our number one goal with Studentbase is to make it simple to use. We don’t want Studentbase to get in your way, become cumbersome or cost you time. Quite the opposite: our goal is to help you save valuable hours in your day, run your school more efficiently and spent your time doing what you do best: teaching, leading and instructing.

Check back (or subscribe) for updates to our blog and new announcements.

Thanks for being a Studentbase member! This will be an exciting year!