Friend, this is 2020!

It’s important you are aware that the world around you is changing really fast and the world you’re really used to; which is within the four walls of your campus is still learning how to adapt to it, so, you need a catalyst to bridge your current reality with how you would find your place to participate in the world that’s already changing today.

This is the best time for you to start your journey into the real world and become exposed to the realities of life after school

StudentBuild now opens applications for its SB…

SB Fellows at the University of Ibadan

It’s been 3 months already and it’s been an amazing experience negotiating a hypothesis focused on how the conversation about exploring the next phase of Africa’s growth potential should be explored. There is no better time to re-address this conversation, following the speed, scope, and nature of change shaping the narrative of how progress and prosperity would be defined, as today unfolds to the future.

The last decade exposed us to the need for deliberate action towards Africa’s participation in the global economy and the need for its youth to participate in “the defining decade” of Africa’s destiny.


In response…


A companion to the ambitious undergrads building the future of Africa

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