4 internship tips for international students in the U.K.

International Students

U.K. as a country is a hub of highly powered and well-established global companies where the possibilities for work and success seems truly endless. Architecture, art, fashion, design, business, law, banking, hospitality and what not, the country has all with numerous exciting opportunities awaiting for you. As an international student in the UK, there might be some initial hassles in grabbing these opportunities but believe us, the benefits with definitely outweigh all. Going for an internship in the best idea for students who want to use their summers in U.K. lucratively. An internship is a wonderful way to gain experience in the field of your interest, make money, and build some solid connections at the same time. So, below are some tips for international students to find and survive the best of internships.

Know your interests exactly: As an international student, the time you spend on your internship is likely to be counted in your Optional Practical Training time and since this time is limited, it is wiser to use it judiciously and do something which is of your interest. Being a student of maths and going for a summer internship of a party planner really does not make sense. Students must really find an internship of their interest and in their subject area so that the experience of it can be counted for the job.

Contact your international student service cell: There are many rules and limitations for a student who has come to study abroad and these rules keep changing in ever year or two. Therefore, it is advisable to visit the international student’s office in your university and keep yourself arrest with the current changes. Further, such cells in universities will not only help in finding the appropriate internship for you but will also assist in the paperwork you need to do.

Learn as much as possible: This is the simple funda for students doing internships. The quest of learning more and more can really impress the employer at the office. Many companies nowadays provide this opportunity also in form of intern training program where an intern can learn a lot about the company and work. Interns must always remember this that in the high competitive world of business, a good impression of yours can really get you a permanent job in the same company, where all the learning during internship gives you an upper edge over others.

Stay in touch: A thank you note to the people in the office where you interned or a word of how you had a great time with all while doing your internship can really help you in making everlasting relations. The relations are very important in the business world and might help you in getting your dream job years down the road. Therefore, it is said that an internship is altogether a win-win situation where a great opportunity lies of broadening the horizons of your network and knowledge.