The Real College Struggles

By: Kaine Colon, Kyla Sander, Shanequa Burton, Keynaja Stark

The Real College Struggle

Today’s general public and future budgetary guide is one of the greatest political issues that numerous school understudies face. TV makes school look so astonishing yet doesn’t demonstrate to you the amount of obligation you’ll be in when you wrap up. This issue needs to be perceived and see that us understudies shouldn’t have pay for school. Understudy advances are accessible and additionally grants, guardian in addition to credits. Why are we paying such a great amount of cash back for student loans while in distinctive countries such as France and Germany, they aren’t paying half as much for school like we are? The government need us to pay this cash back however can’t issue us the respectability to claim chapter 11 on our student loans. Chapter 11 was created to provide for the reorganization of an insolvent corporation under court supervision and can establish a schedule for the payment of debts.

Why are we truly paying more money back for our student loans than the measure of money giving to us? When you choose to pay back your student loans that you have collected throughout the years, you must recall that more intrigued is included. On the off chance you ever decide to or whatever point you are taking out an student loan you ought to consider to what extent it will take you to pay back you advances. There are a wide range of ways you can have the capacity to lessens the expense. A great amount of people is on full grants, while the vast majorities haven’t got a grant by any means. I accept most universities ought to give all their understudies some kind of grant, now relying upon how high your evaluations the more cash you get. It shouldn’t make any difference, on the off chance that you evaluations aren’t A’s and B’s that doesn’t mean you’re not sufficient for a grant. At the same time, for the individuals who haven’t got a grant or FAFSA secured your offset then here are a few things you have to do. As indicated by USA today, you can reduce your instructive cost by living at home and going to class rather than staying on campus. For the people who may need to keep centered you should consider being a RA. Being a RA you will get your own room and your educational cost is way less expensive. Before you up and leave for school you ought to verify you’re financially stable to pay for your textbooks, nourishment, singular things and significantly more. If you’re the ordinary school understudy you’re more likely than not financially stable, you need to consider getting a part-time job or a little side hustle.

In all actualities most countries doesn’t have to pay or have to pay little to nothing for their tuition. For example France have to pay tuition, but normally around 200 dollars at public universities. A far cry from what you’d pay in the United States, even in a state school, so it is still cheaper the united states tuition. State funded college projects charge just a little educational cost expense of around 200 dollars for most projects. Other, more first class establishments have embraced a model that obliges understudies to pay charges that are in view of the wage of their guardians. Offspring of unemployed folks can consider for nothing, while more favored families need to pay more. This principle is legitimate for subjects of the European Union, however even the greatest expenses (about $14,000 every year) are frequently much lower than U.S. educational cost charges. A few colleges, for example, Sciences Po Paris, offer double degrees with U.S. universities. Also, Germany is home to numerous universally positioned open foundations. There are more than 900 colleges in Germany where American understudies can participate in for nothing and without needing to learn German. The Germans accept that pulling in global understudies with free educational cost will permit German understudies examining English as a second dialect to wind up better familiar with understudies who have English as a first dialect. Additionally, they would like to pull in these understudies to stay in Germany and join their work power. Although their is other countries such as Finland who is another country that doesn’t charge for tuition. Finland doesn’t have tuition fees but the government does warn foreigners that they have to cover living expenses. Imagine going to college and only worrying about room and board. Having this information makes me wonder why does America charge for tuition if other countries do not. What is America using our tuition money for and also is it benefiting us as students? There are a lot of questions as of to what we as students are paying for, because in most countries they don’t have to pay anything and still get the same education.

One of the best opportunities for college students that are stressed is a student loan forgiveness or loan repayment program. Those programs help you get rid of some or all of your loans in return for picking certain careers such as going into military service or some sort of volunteer work. The federal government also backs up the programs. About $100,000 can be removed and in other places more money can be removed. The only way that you can get into these programs is if you are eligible; however, that is with all loans. Loans can also be discharged but that is only if you were to pass away and a family representative has the copy death certificate sent to the school or the loan server. If you are not eligible you will have to pay off the loans regardless. You can be unemployed and still will have to pay the loans off. Colleges hold programs such as work-study, which is an on campus job. Work-study allows students to earn money to help pay off expenses. How come all students do not receive work-study? All students do not receive work-study because it goes to students with the most financial need or students that have met the deadline for financial aid. Another problem can be not having enough job opportunities in certain majors during and after college. That can also put many students in unemployment or sends them back to school for another major which makes them lose more money than before. In any major fields of study jobs are becoming harder to get into, how does the government expect us to pay off loans if they are not providing jobs we attended school for? We can’t and if we do it will take a lifetime. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “And so I would urge you to continue your just struggle until the people with whom you trade will respect your person as much as they respect your dollar.” Colleges very much so respect our dollars but when we don’t that money anymore they don’t respect us.

In Conclusion, it should be easier for college students in the United States to be able to attend school. Students in other countries have a better chance to greater education in college then we do here in the US. The reasons for that are, they go to school for free; they have lower tuition, and debt. The student’s problem is that we are put in a worse situation than when we started out in. For example, how is our loans going to be more than what was initially taken out. Students have to worry about how these loans are going to set you back in the future after they are done with college. There are many other worries but as students we need to find a plan to secure for the future.

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