MTL NewTech Demo Night, January 2017

Team thoroughly enjoyed our first time at one of MTL NewTech’s Demo Nights! The atmosphere was fantastic, with people from all sorts of enterprises across Montreal coming together to hear about some of the start-up scene’s brand-new businesses.

First up on stage was Gene from Perfiqt, a user-friendly personal finance assistant site. Despite running out of time, Gene managed to show how simple the set-up process was in addition to its mind-boggingly-mathsy financial algorithm.

Next up was dubdub, with the extremely enthusiastic Vinny. Wild horses and technical issues wouldn’t have stopped Vinny showing us how dubdub works! Even with the tech problems, dubdub’s high-quality but easy to use video editing software shone through. The app is definitely something we’re interested in using in the future for short videos from events.

Tribal Buzz was on a similar theme but this time about customer opinions as word-of-mouth publicity. Both Tribal Buzz and several other presenters reiterated how video is king in the world of marketing, currently and well into the future.

Castor impressed everybody with their incredible launch stats: 13 days after their launch and they were averaging one download every 20 seconds for their data dashboard! Hats off to Castor for that. They’re still part of a separate start-up, so we’re intrigued to see how this plays out in the long run. Which route will they choose?!

Shopify, the hosts for the night, rounded off the demos with a look at their additional service for larger e-commerce businesses, Shopify Plus. Judging by their amazing office — complete with breakfast bar and ping pong table! — Shopify Plus will deliver the same modern, powerful e-commerce solution but for customers that have outgrown the original Shopify package.

All in all, it was a fantastic night, run by the hilarious Ilias Benjelloun, and we will definitely be back for more.

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