06.14 is great day for our studio. Former musicians of famous low-rock band Morphine had visit premiere of our film “Bringing Morphine”. This film based on a real story about 3 friends who get in all sorts of trouble to organise concert of their favourite band in their own town.

Of course, it was very important to show that film to musicians without whom there wasn’t that story and movie itself. And we’re very proud to tell that they very liked our film.

Here’s the video with their reaction on film (it was cut a little to get off spoilers):

And here is what Morphine’s saxophonist Dana Colley wrote about that evening:

…There was a screen set up with a still from the opening credits with both Russian and English subtitles. It read “Bringing Morphine”
We shook hands with the director Timofey Shalaev who introduced himself and told us a little backstory about the film and about their film company, “Studio 237”
We got comfortable with a beer and found a seat.
Bringing Morphine:
A true story about two young lads, Yuri Burnosov and Paul Matveenkov, who are trying to promote their local music festival in Bryansk. A city about 300kms west of Moscow with the population of 400,000. The lads try to convince the city to reach out to international talent.
The boys run into trouble, some blood gets spilled. But they prevail and after some misappropriation of funds, they come up with enough money to fly Morphine over. But its too late. July 3 1999. The news of Sandman’s death crushes their dream just as they finally get the money together. The love however was not crushed. The story lives on. As does the music. Over walls and beyond…

For now movie is still unavailable online because of some festival releases. But it’ll be soon. And here’s some pics from that evening.