A tale about rates

Once a year we receive a message from a client saying that our rate is just too high.

Of course the client can get quotes from as many designers as he wants — that’s a very right thing to do. Also he needs to see your portfolio to get better understanding of your skills, to see samples of similar projects that you did and then decide whom he wants to hire. The cost of creative work can vary and is quite subjective that is why the decision cannot and shouldn’t be based only on the quote. What is not right is saying that your rate is just too high without looking at your work and understanding what you can deliver for the money you set.

For a designer who struggles to set the rate we would like to say: take the amount you want to receive, divide it by the number of working days and hours and get the cost per hour. Consider your skills and experience — your price directly depends on it.

For a client it’s important to remember that it’s better to pay a bit more once and receive great design than to struggle with making loads of changes and finally hiring someone else to redesign thus spending more than was initially planned.

And, how are you thinking?