Playable Spaces for Urban Places

Our artwork Playable Spaces for Urban Places is a diurnal, articulated set of robotic street furniture. The structure is infused with living plants, which can be interchanged for scented, flowering or edible plants, selected according to the local environment and season.

Experienced as a reactive, walk-through installation, Playable Spaces for Urban Places is a 6 x 6m robotic pavilion, integrated with Lidar sensors allowing it to ‘sense’ visitors and subtly react to their behaviours, It has the capability to react to other stimuli. Our current piece monitors air quality to map the invisible environment and…

Ruby and Jules who work at Little Lost Robot Studio have been friends for a long time. They collided creatively over a joy of the ambitious and leftfield in the world of physical and performance art. Ten years ago they visited Les Machines De L’Ile in Nantes. Jules had seen their production of The Sultan’s Elephant when it made a landmark visit to central London in 2006. She had a chance encounter with it whilst on a work placement at Continental Drifts event production agency. The rest as they say is history… or is it? …

Little Lost Robots

Little Lost Robot

Well, I’m not too proud to admit that I did not see that coming in 2020. After an absolute horror show of a year, we’re back at home / still at home, respectively locked down and juggling the daily demands of a full house and homeschooling young children. Despite this, we are not cutting loose on our dreams. Now more than ever we need to be examining the applications of sensitive, smart robotic technology for safely maintaining and rebuilding communities, in an ever more digitised world.

So as we carefully bring our systems back online here at…

Stupid Cities Exclude and Endanger People


Stupid cities are badly designed, exclude and endanger people with reduced mobility. It’s important to understand that the social model of disability affects a wide spectrum of people. A person’s experience of social disability can be as varied and unique as our personalities. It also has the nature to be changeable. Especially in cases of chronic or invisible illnesses. One day might be perfectly at ease for the most part, yet another can see a flare up of symptoms that leave you fatigued, in constant pain, or emotionally incapacitated. …

A Choice of Life and Death in the Pandemic Era of Isolation

How is your lockdown going so far? We are feeling our way through week twelve of our respective lockdowns for our Little Lost Robot team. Our feeling is that it’s all gone a bit topsy turvy and we’re struggling to contemplate the vastness of the shockwaves and cling tightly to each other and our wonderful work, in a responsibly masked and socially distanced way, with a raft of rapidly unfolding opportunities to aim for. We’ll look at some newly emerging creative funding schemes in a forthcoming blog.

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Is it High Risk to be a Minority?

Isolation is making us feel tinier than ever, because too many people are acting as if it somehow makes us the same as each other. Psychotherapist Sam Cotton claims that our national mental health is doing just fine due to our tribal nature. I don’t think that’s the case unless you are in a very fortunate position. Which I don’t begrudge to anyone, but let’s not forget that society did not reside on a level playing field before this began and it certainly doesn’t now.

Nicholas Hellen, April 11 2020, The Sunday…

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Hi there,

We are Little Lost Robot Studio. We make sensory, immersive, 3D artwork that amalgamates robotics and automation with humaneness and well-being. We present a vision of the future that is gloriously humane in all its messy domestic parts.

We also love to collaborate and educate, so we provide a rolling programme of participatory workshops and projects. Primarily we work to empower minority groups by democratising access to digital creativity. We’ll regularly publish call outs with how to get involved, so follow us and stay tuned.

We prioritise young people and people with disabilities, because that’s closest to our…

Little Lost Robot

A vision of the future that is non-slick, human centric and gloriously humane in all its messy domestic parts.

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