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On Referendum week…A snapshot from the A12

Jun 25, 2016 · 2 min read
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Snapshot from the A12…

June 25, 2016

A Snapshot from the A12…

The last time I paid such avid attention to an election result was the night Barack Obama was elected. I stayed up until 4am with my father and then went bleary eyed to work, confident, happy that brighter, more progressive times were ahead. How different things felt Yesterday morning. I must confess I thought remain would just nab it and so it was that I fell asleep, just as Newcastle declared it’s results. I was, at that point, still hopeful, confident that the last minute swing which seemed to have happened, particularly in the last few days and following the death of Jo Cox, meant that a sufficient number of supporters for remain had been galvanised into action. No so.

On reflection perhaps I should not be so surprised. Disappointed, sad, maybe, but not surprised. Over the last week, I have had to make some trips to a part of east London I have never visited before. A member of my family is in hospital at the moment and we as a family have been making daily visits there. On leaving the station or travelling by road, I have been struck by the difference in atmosphere. OUT posters loom large on the A12.

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