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I like to think of the Hogwarts Houses as a more fun version of Myers Briggs. More fun because you don’t need to memorize all the different four letter acronyms.

In general I think it helps me identify what’s a person’s dominating motivation and world view: Are they interested in understanding the world (Ravenclaw)? Or are they trying to lead and show the world their own view (Gryffindor)? Do they see the shades of grey between a seemingly black and white world (Slytherin)? Or do they strictly, or try very hard, to adhere to good morals (Hufflepuff)?

I remember reading The Ringer Allison Davis’ article on Elaine Lui. As a Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw hybrid, I struggled to see the appeal of sensationalist stories revolving around celebrities. But then I saw Elaine Lui’s Slytherin pride tweet pic and suddenly it all made sense to me. Because she’s a Slytherin she can see past the apparent “evils” of celebrity culture and harvest out the stories that reflect society values.

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