COSCUP x GNOME.Asia x openSUSE Asia Summit 2018 참석 후기[Review]

COSCUP X GNOME.Asia X openSUSE.Asia 2018 Summit Taipei
COSCUP X GNOME.Asia X openSUSE.Asia 2018 Summit Taipei 행사 첫날/Day1

Last year(2017, 작년/昨年, Chinese: 去年)

This year(2018, 올해(Korean) ,금년/今年)

I’ve attended COSCUP[] for the 3rd times, this year.

Day-1 [2018–08–09, Thursday, 목요일/木曜日, 星期四]

비행기에서 본 타오위엔국제공항 근방의 풍경 Sky scene Near Taoyuan International Airport
타이뻬이역의 서예작품, 台北車站(한국한자음: 대북차참, 중국어: 타이뻬이처짠), Taipei Main Station Callygraphy “台北車站” (It reads ‘Táiběi Chēzhàn’)
행천궁역과 행천궁[行天宮,싱티엔궁], Xingtian Temple MRTStation and Xingtian temple(行天宮)

Day0(전야제/前夜祭) [2018–08–10, Friday, 금요일/金曜日, 星期五]

紅豆食府, Shanghainese Restaurant Red Bean Dining in Taipei, Taiwan.
대만사람, 일본 사람 , 인도네시아사람등 오픈소스에 공헌을 하거나 사용하는 사람들과 같이 저녁식사를 하였습니다. Dinner with Taiwanese & Japanese & Indonesia Open Source Contributors and Users (LibreOffice, KDE, GNOME, etc.)

Day1(첫째 날) [2018–08–10, Saturday, 토요일/土曜日, 星期六]

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology 國立臺灣科技大學 국립대만과기대학교/국립타이완과기대학교
with HongKonger, Haggen So and Sammy Fung

Day2(둘째 날) [2018–08–11, Sunday,일요일/日曜日,星期天]

COSCUP X GNOME.Asia X openSUSE Asia summit 2018 Taipei Day2 Schedule.
“GNOME.Asia summit 2018 Taipei” — “Welcome to Year 22” (Keynote Speech by Kat Gerasimova and Nuritzi Sanchez)
Left, Noah Chen at COSCUP 2018, Right, Next week at COSCUP X GNOME.Asia X openSUSE Asia 2018, I met him again at Pycon Korea 2018 in Seoul Korea.
at Tauyuan International Airport[타오위엔국제공항, 桃園國際機場] in Taiwan. I returned my home in Seoul, Korea from Taiwan.


DaeHyun Sung(성대현,成大鉉,ソン・デヒョン)

Written by

LibreOffice Korean Team,GNU,KDE Contributor,GNOME Foundation Member, My native language is Korean(한국어) My hobby is Learning Language(English,中國語(繁體中文,简体中文),日本語)

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