That’s a great workflow and I just tried it a couple of weeks ago using the “ux toolbox” sketch…
Justin Schueler

This was going to be one of my questions as well. How does this workflow and all of these symbol overrides translate to Zeplin. Zeplin (or InVision Inspect) has become a central part of my hand-off to devs and I cant see myself working without it.

Do the measurements stay true on Zeplin?

Another issue I am trying to work around is dynamic buttons. I have a design that always has 32px padding left and right regardless of text length – the button width expanding or shrinking to fit. I might have a min and max width for extreme cases but I keep hearing that the Dynamic Buttom plugin that I use isn’t compatible with symbols.

Either way it is super cool to see so many designers pushing Sketch and sharing their findings.

Thanks to everyone.

Francesco //

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