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amusing reading the misogynistic replies in this comment section. “Look at what she is wearing… she’s a slut… he just touched her waist?!?!”

Well she was wearing what she was ordered to wear by the perve in charge, you know the guy who puts out the clear tables with floor shots so that the womens legs can be seen.

She is a slut, slut shaming because she asked legitimate questions? she asked the questions about his nude pics. Um yea, she is a “reporter” (supposedly) , and HE DID HAVE NUDE PICS… They were trying to find a way to make that fact palatable to a conservative audience. tongue in cheek wink wink nudge nudge… duh…

It’s all fun and games to misogynist when someone you don’t know fondles you and your a woman, I’ll bet if it was a gay man doing the same thing to them they wouldn't be saying “give me a break”. Someone would have to call the police.

You alt right boys club sexist sickos need to GTFOWTBS

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