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Can wait for the Alt right coward squad to attack this one. Looks like they already started. You guys can deny till the cows come home. We are all aware of who did what. Whatever you have to tell yourself to sleep at night is fine.

Yiannopolous is a woman hating self hating misogynist crazy guy. He is gay and hates gays, he hates women … no surprise, he hates “other” people,again no surprise. He created a “scholarship” for white men only… suuukers! He was BUSTED! That money goes strait to his accounts He gives two sh*ts for strait white men unless he has a way of using them.


But then those alt R lemmings should be used to being use to being used. Fuel their anger and self pity and they will try move the world.

Wait for the usual replies on this one guys, they will deflect and start the conversation about everyone else RATHER than deal with this bozo who flim flamed the crap outta them.

If they catch the guy who did it, the person who put him up to it will not pay the price. Only the rube will.

Lets see how they try to clean this one up ..LOL This is going to be good.

Wait ..:passes out tissues:

for the cry babies…

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