How to save your business from financially getting destroyed

Okay hello everyone so are you here because you do not want any loss in your business or you want to save your business from that loss okay I’m writing this right now because a really big businessman in my city suicided because his business just went down and down and he could not take it anymore because from being the top he came at the bottom so first of all let us get started so that no more people suicide:-

•Have a backup plan

Why you should not keep your phone in your pocket

Everyone knows how electronics produce radiation well if you did not know it is time you do so any electronic produces radiation which is harmful for our skin it can also cause us many skin problems to begin with ,

Now i know when you keep your phone in your pocket it is so much easier to reach and it won’t but one thing that your missing is when you keep your phone in your pocket the radiation affects your skin 6-7 times more than it actually would,

Here are…

bad habits

Hello everyone today as i love to write self help topics i figured me writing about this topic can actually help a lot of people to give up on drugs and alcohol and stuff so without any further due let us us get into the points because i do not want to waste any more time,



Well this news is all over the place and guess what Russia has stated to make the first successfully human tested corona virus vaccine this is a relief but no one knows when the vaccine is going to be available people are saying that it is going to be available by August but no one is really sure about it but whenever the vaccine is going to be available one thing is for sure that Russia will provide its country with the vaccine first and Russia is super huge so it is going to take some time but the thing…


Well we all know this young lady the youngest noble peace prize winner for some of you who do not know her she is Malala Yousafzai she is kind of my role model so what makes her so amazing you might ask well so she lived in Pakistan and there it was not allowed for women to you know got to school and have a complete education so one day when Malala with two of her friends was in a bus after giving an exam she was shot in the head but who knows what miracle happened, that Malala survived…

Hell o everyone and i am super duper sorry for not uploading way too many things have been going on lately and it is just hard to keep up today i wanted to share this as i have been having a lot of English lessons about writing essays and paragraphs and stuff and they are really helpful so i decided to help you all too!!

let us dive into the points:


Okay so first of all see this is very helpful before writing anything the best thing to do is to take a rough notebook and…

Do you have enough time?

Are you living your best life?

Do you wonder why people are so crazy over the graduation certificates or just so crazy too think that they have time to enjoy their life.

Everyone knows that we spend a good amount of time studying to become something let us just say quarter of our lives and then more than half of our lives working for a job that is just for the money ,

Do you know what is the day of the week most people have heart attacks?

Monday it is,


It is obvious…

My guide to reading more

Have you ever wondered that why is reading so important now everyone knows that it increases our vocabulary but is there anything else and i have not really done any research in this blog post as i wanted to write something from experience and i hope it is enough, how many books do you read in an year i am just asking the average,

Forty five? , Twenty?,

Okay so you are obviously here because you want to read more before starting anything new you should have the desire to accomplish it now why is…

Signs of an emotionally mature person

Hello everyone so i am feeling alot better and not depressed anymore because i tried my own tricks on my self i was a little worried they might not work but they do and i am feeling very fresh and amazing now.

Signs of an emotionally mature person:-

• You do not brag about your knowledge

Before i move on i want to tell you all that maturity doesn’t come from the age its an attitude that is built by your experiences ,

• You keep and open mind towards everything

Signs you can have hidden depression

Hello everyone so after reading this blog post you will know if you have hidden depression or not if you want to know how to deal with depression then you can check out my other blog post for now let’s get going.

•You find yourself making changes to your lifestyle

•Feeling like your heart is aboit to fall


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