Frequently Asqued Questions —

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At StudioSpresso, we have two types of users who legitimately have different questions: users of video / photo / sound studios and operators of these studios.

Below are the answers to the questions that are most frequently asked by the users first and then by the operators / owners of the studios and finally by all types of visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions — Users / Owners of Studios

  • How does StudioSpresso work for me, user / tenant of studios?

StudioSpresso lists all types of photo / video / sound studios available for rent by the hour or by day throughout Europe (France, Spain, Belgium) and around the world, in Canada in particular.

We are the Airbnb of photo / video / sound studios. Simply browse our site, using the search filters on the left, to find the studio, equipment or staff that best suits your needs.

  • How can I register as a user?

It’s very simple, just click on Register to create a free user account.
You will need to confirm your email address. You can then contact the studios and start a booking.

  • How much will it cost me?

Booking on our site is completely free of charge.

You only pay for what you book, it makes sense finally. We charge exclusively the studios of a commission on each booking.

The studios referenced by us are required to offer on our website prices equal to or lower than their public rates.

You will not find better elsewhere :)

  • What can I find on your site?

Photo studios, studios with various colors of cyclorama, television sets, music studios or calibration studios are available for rent.

At the margin, you can also find equipment and staff to rent.

  • I can’t find the studio corresponding to my needs, can you help me?

Absolutely, we are here to help you. We have the largest database of video / photo / sound studios in France, Belgium and Spain with more than 500 studios listed.

We offer a free assistance service to search for studios.

To indicate your criteria, simply fill in the StudioCompare search form.

  • Do you reference all the studios that exist?

No, we only list studios that agree to be publicly exhibited.

However, we have a database of more than five hundred studios that we can contact at any time according to the needs of our customers.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Are the rental prices listed including VAT or excluding VAT?

Prices shown are all taxes included on the basis of the VAT in force in the country of the studio.

  • How can I ask a question to a studio?

Once registered on our platform, simply go to the studio card that interests you and click on the “Contact” button to ask a question to a studio.

  • How can I book a studio?

To book a studio, simply go to the form of the studio that interests you, select the reservation date(s) you want and click on the “Book” button.

You will then reach the pre-payment part of the booking. You will only be charged if the reservation is confirmed by the studio.

  • How can I pay to book my studio?

To pay for the reservation you wish to make, we use the Stripe Payment Provider which secures the entire transaction. You need to bring your credit card to pay.

If you wish to pay by other means such as transfer or check, please contact us.

  • Who keeps the booking money after I booked and before the studio gets paid?

As long as the day(s) of rental has not occurred, the money is kept safe by Stripe, our payment partner.

At no time, StudioSpresso has access to the money from bookings so that your money is always safe regardless of our financial health.

  • How to check the availability of a studio?

The easiest way to check the availability of a studio is to launch a booking on the site for the date(s) that interest you.

Do not worry, if the studio is not available, you will not be charged and we can help you find another studio.

  • What happens if we need overtime or use consumables on site during the rental?

It’s very simple, all expenses in addition to the cost of the booking initiated on our platform will have to be paid directly by you to the studio.

  • Who bills me after I booked?

The studio must provide you with an invoice for the total amount of the reservation. We do not charge you anything because the service is completely free for you.

Frequently Asked Questions — Studio Owners / Operators

  • How does StudioSpresso work for me, studio owner / operator?

StudioSpresso allows operators and owners of photo / video / sound studios to list them and make them available for rent by the hour or by the day.

We are the Airbnb of studios. All you need to do is register your studio(s) to receive booking requests. Everything is free for you as long as you do not confirm a booking.

You are always free to accept or reject a booking according to the availability of your place(s).

  • How can I register as a studio owner?

To register, simply click Register to create a free account on our platform.

You will need to confirm your email address. You can then list as many rental ads as you want for your studios, equipment and staff.

  • What can I rent on your site?

We allow you to rent your cyclorama studios, TV sets, photo / video / sound studios. You can also rent your various equipment and your staff.

For each of them, you can offer them for rent by the hour and / or the day according to your choice.

  • How can I register one or more ads?

After registering on our platform, simply click on “Post an ad” to register a rental offer.

This operation has to be repeated as many times as you have items you want to rent by the hour or by the day.

  • How much will it cost me?

Being referenced on our StudioSpresso platform is free of charge, regardless of the duration of listing and the number of ads you have.

If you confirm a reservation obtained via the website, we will charge 10% of the total amount paid by the customer.

If you get a booking through a studio search, our commission is 15% paid by the customer.

  • Do I have to show the rental prices VAT included or VAT excluded?

The rental rates must be displayed VAT included on the basis of the VAT in force in the country of the studio.

  • How can I answer a question I am asked?

When you receive a question about one of your ads, you can answer it by going to your Messaging area.

To access your Messaging, simply hover your mouse over your profile picture at the top right of all the pages of our platform once you are logged in, you will then be able to click on Messaging.

  • How can I confirm a reservation?

You can confirm any booking via the Messaging area by clicking “Accept”.

  • Who keeps the booking money after I confirmed the booking and before our studio gets paid?

When a reservation is made by a customer, the payment of the reservation is secured upstream.

As long as the rental has not taken place, the money is securely stored by our payment provider Stripe without StudioSpresso having access to it.

Once the rental is completed, the money will be paid to you, after deduction of our commission.

  • How can I receive payment for the rental of my studio?

Once the rental has been completed, the tenant and you must rate the other party and confirm that the rental has taken place.

The payment of the amount of the rent, after deduction of our commission, will take place within 7/10 days following the realization of the booking.

  • What happens if the customer has used overtime or used consumables during the rental?

Anything not included in the booking offered on StudioSpresso to the customer must be subject to payment and additional billing on the day of rental of the studio, equipment and / or staff.

Frequently Asked Questions — General

  • Since when do you exist?

We started our activity publicly on March / April 2018.

  • Where are you based?

Our team is based in Paris, France. We speak French fluently (obviously), English and Spanish.

  • What are your general conditions of use and sale?

All our general conditions of use and sale are available on our website at the following address:

  • Where are your legal notices?

All of our legal information is available on our website at the following address:

  • I still have a question to ask you, how can I contact you?

You can contact us via the following form: or by phone +33 (0)1 88 32 04 01.

Promised, we will answer you ;-)