A Shinwari experience in Dubai — Redefined.

Lately we’ve been wanting to document about our encounter with art that’s inspired us in some way or the other. After finally running out of storage space on our phones filled with everyday beautiful designs, we decided it’s time we share the joy by sharing these works of beauty!

Last Thursday we were out, looking for a place to grab some grub — we stumbled upon a restaurant named Wakha! The first thing I noticed when we entered this restaurant in Al Barsha, Dubai, was a beautifully decorated wall to my left. I was amazed, inspired, curious, all at once. The brick like wall was embellished with little bling trucks and auto-rickshaws. This bright and colorful visual treat instantly filled my heart with joy. I was smiling! The folk music in the background transported me in that gem studded auto rickshaw right into the streets of Peshawar. Although I’ve never been there, I could feel what it felt like to be there, surrounded by the Shinwari — or so I imagined.

As we waited for the food to arrive, I spent every minute enjoying the ambiance. There was another wall adorned with antique looking musical instruments of the Pashtuns. Even the wooden work on the ceiling and the hanging light-bulbs above us were inspired by the architecture of ancient homes in the land of Shinwaris.

Thought was put into every bit of the restaurant from decor, food to even the outfit of waiters. The food was delicious, a mix of cuisines from eastern Afghanistan and Pakistan — and well worth the wait!

In the end, we left Wakha with a feeling of satisfaction, immensely inspired in every way.

— Mashaal Sheik.

Mashaal is a co-founder at Walls Talk Art Studio, which helps create custom experiences for interior spaces. She can be reached at mashaal@studiowallstalk.com

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