An Erudite Friend


Where Story Begins

Fluency was recently described to me like this. As I listened to the dancing brows and Garcia hands, my brain tilted forward.

Fluency is being able to diagnose, modify or predict things. A new friend and I were talking about electronic things, but I understood the idea to apply universally when it comes to doing anything well.

I learned there are people who are actually quite afraid of, or intimidated by everyday technology that surrounds them, stuff like circuit boards or children’s electronic toys, like a Barbie Keyboard.

Those things are fascinating, but I don’t see myself reaching for a soldering gun right away. Not yet, but soon. This voyage is just underway.

This is unfortunate because as I’ve previously said, I believe everything we create tells a story. And every tale comes equipped and guaranteed with all the raw potential inherent to its creator.

Fluency is learning to appreciate, to achieve a level of comfort with, or othwerwise be able to modify that thing into marvelous and unexpected through unadulterated experimentation.

Just exploring here, yours ideas are superb on their own.

I think Fluency knows its audience, and requires fewer words because of this. It needs more pictures and interactive sound to drink its audience in.

And, maybe a few more caterpillars.

My friends fingers itched beneath the smiling blue of his eyes. Fluency is the “hot-hand” of creative application, my erudite he observed. But whether for new programming, circuitry or bluegrass stings, I couldn’t tell.

Story wastes lots of time on chasing tale. Not all bad, I suppose, but unproductive, and the scenery always changes.

Fluency moves people past feeling intimidated by technology, where it can then become a creative force.

Maybe fluency is a flashpoint where the real story begins.