Stories from Abroad — Tyler Mehaffey

Montevideo, Uruguay Fall 2016

Part I: Where to begin? Let’s start with here:

This was our foundation when we went to Uruguay. From the beginning of the semester, we either walked to attend class at the Universidad Catholica, or we had our professors come and personally teach us at our Contutti house. I loved the architecture of the school.


Incredibly close to our house was the Rambla. Every day we could easily take a walk on the paved sidewalk spanning an incredible distance along the length of Montevideo.

Some may say that being the only male living with a bunch of girls is a terrible experience, but I’ll maintain saying that it was just…unique. Free cooked meals, romantic advice, dancing critiques and gossip: I had it all throughout the semester (for better or worse).

While in Uruguay we were able to take about a 5 day trip to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. This is La Boca, filled with colorful houses, tango dancers, artists and empanadas. A real tourist attraction, the streets of Buenos Aires themselves were filled with wide open streets with beautiful plazas and open spaces.

Buenos Aires

The iconic, cheap and reliable food source (empanadas) can be found across Uruguay and Arngentina. I know you may have tried them before, but to someone completey new to them I would describe them as a kind of insulated taco, where the meat/vegetables are sealed within a cornflower exterior. My favorite was always chicken or jam with cheese….this is giving me the midnight munchies…

This is ACU Contutti house. Adjacent to other houses of similar design, it’s impossible to exit the building and not feel like a part of some community. It has a great location, lots of space, and the landlord Lau is the best! We compiled a mannequin video challenge of the interior that can be seen on Facebook. It’s always fun to bring our friends along (and often other study abroad students) and show them our house!

I do believe this is all for now. I love and miss Uruguay so much! I’m glad the ACU study abroad experience enabled us all to venture and get to know the world some more.