Marketing Dissertation Effectiveness Of Digital Marketing To Improve Organizational Turnover at H&M

The dissertation aims to investigate the importance of digital marketing in today’s new age. The impact and effect of digital marketing on H&M Company was also examined in great detail. For the purpose of carrying out the research, information regarding the digital marketing used by the company was collected — digital marketing was studied and the literature available on that topic was analyzed and evaluated to try to find out the impact, if any, it has on the organization’s performance, and how the digital marketing methods may be adopted in a manner that will bring positive results for the firm. Two managers of the company were interviewed, for the reason to get the perspective of the management of the H&M company regarding the relevant problem statement of this research in connection to the H&M Company’s digital marketing strategies in particular. It was found that the company has been using digital marketing tools and methods for years and it is very beneficial for the company.

Internet marketing has been extensively used and this method has captured a lot of consumers, and furthermore, there have evolved contemporary methods for advertising, like mobile phones, social media networking, blogging; that should be given due consideration if the organization wants to remain profitable. In the global village we live in, the competition from the counter-part organizations is tougher than ever before, which is why traditional forms of marketing have been rendered moot and for this rationale, at the end of the study recommendations regarding the implementation of the other digital marketing tools are also provided. This is done for the sole rationale to provide the H&M Company with a framework so it can adopt more digital marketing method ways, that are both innovative and effective, and that will help H&M Company in gaining the competitive edge and to further increase its business.