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For adopting the traditional coaching classes may be resulted in wastage of time and money and these coaching classes have a lot of rush in the form of students so sometime these coaching are unable to provide quality based education . E-learning may be a solution of this problem. In today’s era e-learning plays an important in the academic sector. So we are decided to build a platform from which some one can learn anything. Now Study Khazana is here for providing a platform for E-learning .From our website, one can learn everything from everywhere.

Study Khazana is the best website to study online that tops for being such an incredibly popular and valuable resource. Study Khazana provides knowledge of all subjects like physics, math’s,computers, CA, LAW, chemistry and so on. Study Khazana is a milestone in the field of learning.We are committed to provide knowledge based solely on quality. We provide various courses such as IT courses,hand-writing skills,CA etc. We also provide video lecture series. Now a days in India, many student are out of the reach of proper education due to poverty, distance, high cost or unsuitable timing. Keeping in mind “Education for All” we provided an online stage where access of every student is easier. The teachers available at our portal have a great experience in their particular field benefitting a thousands of students to understand what they kept on learning.. They help in better understanding of concept of the lesson.
 Study Khazana is able to provide a series of practice exercises, lecture videos, and a personality development skills learning platform. We tackle math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more. Study Khazana is not only helpful for school students but also helpful for much government. Competitive exams like SSC, IT courses, Abacus, Calligraphy and so on… The list of courses which are provided by is a never ending list Study Khazana is like a helping aid for youth by being able to improve their technical skills, or learn about subjects such as entrepreneurship. Our website is designed to give our users free access to educational materials. We are trying to improve our quality day by day for providing best material to our visitors. You can filter courses provided by us by their format (audio or video), subject and more options. All courses are listed with their level and time length to give you an idea of what you can expect. We are rethinking to put education from the bottom to the up. We are trying to build the education the world needs. Come with us to provide a world where all are having right knowledge with right skills.