Top 10 eateries outside Mumbai colleges

There’s nothing more refreshing and uplifting than bunking a few lectures on a hectic day and going out with friends for a cheap and delicious meal. Thus, we put together this amazing list of eateries that were our lifeline, and continue to be so for the thousands of college students each year.

1. The J: H.R College

If fries and shakes are what you’re looking for, ‘The J’ is your go to place. From chilly cheese fries for vegetarians to BBQ chicken fries for the meat lovers. ‘The J’ is known for serving a simple thing like fries in the most unique way.

Review: “Good place for a quick snack. Crisp fries drenched in the sauce of your choice along with fish and chicken toppings. I love the chips and also the chocolate milkshake. Cheap and quick service.” -Melsa Araujo 
Prices: Chilly Cheese Fries- Rs 100
 BBQ Chicken Fries- Rs 150

2. Raju Sandwich: HR and KC College

Pack your favourite Frankie or a Pasta-roll from Raju’s and head to Marine Drive. Make sure to click a lot of selfies and forget about your attendance.

Review: “Excellent on the go food. Pick up anything. Will definitely remind you of high school and college days. Excellent chatter around the foodies here. There’s something about foodies huddling on the side of the road and gobbling those sandwiches up.. right? Unmissable Mumbai! Must experience.”- Paritosh 
Prices: Frankie- Rs 40
Pasta Roll- Rs 60

3. Anand Stall: Mithibai College

Everybody loves South Indian food and the first thing that pops up in your mind is Dosa. All Mithibai-ites swear by the Anand Stall Dosas. When you visit this place, don’t expect normal sambhar and dosa as Anand Stall is famous for experimenting with their dosas.

Review: “Tried Pasta dosa and it was so droolworthy. It was worth the wait. A perfect crisp dosa served with normal coconut chutney and pasta cooked with little oil and spices makes a perfect dish to have when near Mithibai college!”- Thefood_junkie 
Prices: Pasta Dosa- Rs150
Open cheese (pizza dosa)- Rs 150

4. Cafe Metro: St Xaviers College

Located behind the famous Metro Cinemas, this cafe is known for its great quality of food at a reasonable price. Fancy a great movie and a filling meal? Cafe Metro is the place for you.

Review: “Have been to Cafe Metro a million times, on account of it being the closest half decent restaurant from my college. After a hectic college day, we would traipse to Cafe Metro for some unhealthy albeit lip-smacking butter chicken, reshmi kebab and tandoori chicken. Their location is their strongest USP; right next to the beautiful but criminally expensive Metro cinema.”- Ishita Chaudhary
Prices: Butter chicken- Rs 165
Reshmi Kebab- Rs 195

5. JAY Sandwich: RD National College

For the students of National College, Jay Sandwich is not just a food stall, but a place where memories are created. This little stall has to be included in the legendary food stalls in Mumbai. Try the chilly cheese toast and you’ll know why!

Review: “Incredible yummylicious grilled cheese sandwich and so filling! Perfect snack for a break between lectures. Lots of cheese and vegetable stuffing in this and tasty potato masala stuffing. Fast service and awesome taste.”- Brewingfood 
Prices: Grilled cheese sandwich- Rs 130
Chilly cheese toast- Rs 80

6. Ice N Rolls: NM College

This place is a vegetarian’s delight. There’s an inherent bulkiness to the Ferrero rocher shake and the pasta can barely be contained in its designated vessel. Lunch break would not be the same for a NM-iite without this stall.

Review: “A nice vegetarian place to visit for fast food in vile parle. Things to try are the sandwiches, fries and the rolls. However, the highlight of this place is their shakes. One of these will surely keep you coming back again.” -Dhanraj Parekh
Prices: Ferrero Rocher Shake- Rs 160
Pasta- Rs 180

7. Guru Kripa: SIES College

The chaats, lassi and sandwiches are an all time favourite for the students of SIES college. Although small eating joints are present outside all colleges, this stall is visited by students of all colleges across Mumbai.

Review: “My college being near to this chat bhandhar, I was lucky enough to try their stuff. Their chole samosa, pav bhaji, lassi and many others are just yum. Memories were made with friends hanging out at this joint for a quick hunger fix, with the place being jam packed at almost all times.”-Rabia Mistry 
Prices: Samosa Chole Chaat- Rs 37
Veg Cheese grilled sandwich- Rs 90

8. The Laughter Chapter Cafe: MCC College

How can a student of MCC College forget the oreo shake, pasta and the floats of The Laughter Chapter, their go-to place for in-between-class hunger pangs?

Review: “Fantabulous 5 pizza was a had every one of the things you could request. French fries with fiery salsa sauce those are the Tex Mex fries and supreme most loved of mine. This cafe is exceptionally alluring and brilliant, vivid quotes worship the dividers. It is full of natural light which really worth. Try it out once!”-Pritish Ukesh
Prices: Tex Mex Fries- Rs 130
Mini Freak Shake Combo- Rs 240

9. Amar Juice Center: Mukesh Patel School

The tedious years of engineering were made worthwhile by the refreshing juices, delicious chaats and the finger-lickingly good pav bhaji. If there was one reason we would like to go to college, this would be it!

Review: “This is one of those places that makes Mumbai, well, Mumbai! Late night eatery serving us lip smacking fast food we Mumbaikars collectively love, vis. pav bhaji, masala pav, tava pulao, dosa, idli, faloodas, juices, shakes, etc. etc.”- Shwetha 
Prices: Pav Bhaji- Rs 130
Seasonal Juices- Rs 80

10. Say Cheese: Hinduja College

Highly rated by instagram foodies, Say Cheese is a hit among the students of Hinduja College. Craving a sinful meal at a reasonable price? Head over to Say Cheese to satisfy that desire ;)

Review: “The place is in a small shop just by the street. We have to stand and eat but the food totally compensates for all the discomfort. Best part is that everything is served piping hot. One must definitely try this place out if they’re a fan of street food. You will be thoroughly impressed just as me.”- Gayatri Naik 
Prices: Pasta in Pasta- Rs 165
Pizza Margarita- Rs 95

Of course with food, there is always one more…..

11. Ashok Vada Pav Stall: Kirti College

Every visit to this city is incomplete without devouring a Mumbaikars favourite snack- Vadapav. Ashok Vadapav famously known as the Kirti College Vadapav is one of the best Vadapavs in Mumbai. The perfect taste brings instant happiness to your lips.

Review: “ Probably the best Vada Pav that money can buy. You might have to wait for a good 5–10 minutes before you get yours, but boy is it worth it. The Vada and the Chutni is unique in taste. The Vada Pav is served with Chura, which adds to the flavour of the dish. Ashok makes sure that the oil is changed regularly to keep the quantity on check. If you haven’t tried this one still, you’ve definitely missed something.”-Manav Shah 
Prices: Vadapav- Rs 20

Is your favourite college eaterie yet to make it to the list? Let us know in the comments section below. Now that the list is over ( Btw, we gave you 11 ), here’s my reaction to all the places above ;p

Top 10 eateries outside Mumbai colleges

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Disclaimer: All the reviews are from Zomato.

-Studysid Team

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