Applying for PG Courses to Study in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand is a dream for many students across the world. The nation boosts of some of the top academic institutions across the globe. It is a wonderful nation that is very international student friendly. Moreover, you will also enjoy your stay in New Zealand thanks to its immense beauty and scenery.

When you have the intentions to study in New Zealand, the process for applying to top universities for your PG course can be intimidating. However, we give you a step-by step simple process via which you effectively can apply to some of the best colleges in New Zealand. The first step of course is choosing the right university and the basics include-

1. Academic transcripts

2. Proof of your graduation

3. Tests in language

4. Work history

5. Recommendation letter

6. Statement of Purpose

Initial Steps

Getting the application forms

When you search on the Internet, you will come to know the date of admission for different universities. You should send an enquiry to the University authorities at least 8 to 10 months before the date. You may get the application form via the University or college website or ask them to mail you via air mail or email.


Most of the top universities in New Zealand accept 3 years of graduation in India. However, some may ask you to be qualified as per the system of the nation that is approximately 16 years of formal education. You should consult credible abroad education consultants for New Zealand for the matter.

Application process

You should be ready with the transcript of every university or college you have attended with details of subjects, diplomas, correspondence and credits involved. They have to be placed in an envelope and sealed by a Registrar. In case, your originals are not in English, enclose a translation.

Evidence of graduation

Most colleges in New Zealand needs copies of the degree certificate as proof. You may send the original if you are not able to send the attested copy. All the attestation needs to be done by a Public Notary, solicitor, justice of peace or an official of the Institution that has issued the degree.

Tests in English

You may need to take an English proficiency test in case you are not fluent in the language, Every university carries different score parameters. Most academic institutions accept the IELTS scores and there are some universities in the nation that accept TOEFL.

Work History

For PG courses in New Zealand, most universities may ask for a work history. This also enhances your application when you mention it in your resume.

Letter of recommendation

This letter is generally rendered by an employer or a professor listing your positive traits. It actually elaborates your qualities that enhance your chances of admission.

Statement of Purpose

This is a kind of personal essay that gives the admission officer of the University you are applying to an insight into you as a person. It includes the education you gained, the reasons for selecting the specific course, experience in the course along with personal interests and goals.

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