Destination Of The Week — Birmingham, UK

Sitting at the centre of England’s West Midlands Region lies Birmingham — The second largest city in England after London. Birmingham has a history of Theatre, music and arts which makes this city a stopping point for the culturally minded travellers. This fine city is an absolute dream destination for students and green enthusiasts due to its wide landscapes, greenery and excellent educational institutions around the city which gives the students aunique and pleasant experience.

Reasons to study and settle in Birmingham

Birmingham is one of the finest cities in Europe and here are some reasons why Birmingham should be your next destination.

Rich Culture

Birmingham is one of Europe’s most vibrant cities due to its unique flair, diverse dance and world class art. One can also witness architectural brilliance by visiting the Georgian Town Hall and Victorian Council house located in this fine city.

Birmingham also has a number of art galleries but the one that stands out is the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. This gallery boasts of the finest art collection within the country.

Amazing Nightlife

Birmingham is the city to party. This city consists of Stylish bars, Comedy clubs, Theatres and the hottest nightspots. For those who prefer live music and bands, Birmingham has some fantastic arenas, funky bars and intimate clubs showcasing talent on every night of the week

Sporting Action

If you are a Sport Junkie, then a visit to this city is a must. From Test Cricket to International Athletics, Tennis to Premiership and Championship football and Horse Year show to Ryder Cup, Birmingham has it all. This city plays host to the best study in UK and professional sport.

Dining Out

Birmingham represents 27 different styles and nationalities of cooking. This city is packed full of different cultures and nationalities and it a foodie’s heaven. There are new restaurants and café’s popping up all the time and if you love to dine out, Birmingham is the right place.

The following Youtube link will give you an overview of Birmingham City

Study in Birmingham

Birmingham is a fantastic place to study, a place where you will certainly feel at home. This city has fine educational institutions which offer a wide range of study programmes in various fields. Mentioned below are some of Birmingham’s top universities.

The University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham has a strong foundation for research studies and is one of the top institutions in UK.

Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University boasts of an intake of more than 24,000 students a year and is well known for the wide range of courses it has on offer.

Newman University

Newman University is a smaller university when compared to the others in Birmingham but it offers high level of personalisation with small classes allowing a greater level of interaction between the students and their mentors.

Aston University

With a campus known for its greenery, Aston University offers the best of both worlds to their students with its landscape and the fact that it lies in the heart of the city. This university offers courses on all levels and is known for its state of the art facilities.

University of Warwick

A university that ranks in the top ten universities in UK, University of Warwick is one of the finest educational institutions in Birmingham. This university is known for its state of the art research facilities and academic brilliance.

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