Top Business Schools In UK For Indian Students

Business and Management has been a thriving field drawing several Indian students abroad who look for top-notch B-schools and their quality education and wish to return to the country after completing their degrees, hoping to set an example for the rest by successfully driving their own business or other jobs. Amongst all other countries abroad, the UK remains a top choice for Indian students. Are you one of those curious ones to know about the top UK universities where a majority of students from your community go and study Business & Management? The following is a list of the some of the best UK Universities with large numbers of Indian students. There are many different criteria which can be used to select a university and ranking can be just one of them. Other factors include cost effectiveness, application process, location, student life in UK, quality of life, subject ranking, entry requirements and jobs availability (part time and full time).

1. Staffordshire University– with 45% of international students from India.
2. University of Bedfordshire– with 44% of international students from India
3. University of the Highlands and Islands– with 37.5% international students from India.
4. University of West London– with 32.13% international students from India.
5. Leeds Beckett University– with 31.1% international students from India.

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UK is considered to be the best place to pursue higher studies, but it is also one of the most expensive places as well. The country might be expensive to live at but there are a few colleges which are actually quite affordable. Now the British universities are looking to attract Indian students, which is why they have lowered the costs for international students. Going to UK is not much of a problem for Indian students as English is the main language of the country. Since English is the second language of Indians, it’s not much of a problem to adjust to the newer place.

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